Monday, September 3, 2018

Pending monumental work-watch this space

In 2017 I worked on 2 monumental sculptures with the same team as on the Mandela
The first is 7meters tall and a conceptual piece in collaboration with Tania Lee. 
The second is 9meters tall and a realistic rendering of a South African public figure.
I am very proud of both! 
I was hoping to have published images by now but can only do so when they have been unveiled.

Watch this space!

Leeu Dassenberg Collectibles

I sculpted the below fauna for the Leeu Dassenberg Collection, Franschoek. This will house limited edition collectible artwork of flora and fauna from the Franschoek area.

Praying mantis on Metalasia

30cm height, bronze

Carpenter bee on Erica
30cm, bronze

Rocklizard on Succulent
15cm height, bronze

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cerebos Snow

screenshot of Cerebos 'Snow'(courtesy Tulips&Chimneys)
Client: Cerebos
In collaboration with Tulips & Chimneys
I was Art Director on this cute little Commercial
My team and I built all the interior and exterior environments in miniature 
with a few stop motion elements.

Named World Best Ad of the Day by ADWeek and was awarded an Orchid from The Citizen's Brendon Seery  in 2017
It won a GOLD CRAFT LOERIE Award in 2018 for Film Crafts-Animation.

Click the link here to view the commercial.

Forced perspective Karoo farm just before shooting- We did some stop frame animation by turning the windmill

Forced perspective Karoo landscape just before shooting
Living room -1/4 lifesize-

Kitchenette- 1/4 lifesize

Bedroom- 1/4 lifesize- We did some stopframe animation by turning the night light

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bertha Mkhize

Sculpture commissioned by the National Heritage Monument(NHM) 
of Bertha Mkhize; seamstress and South African political figure.
Part of a procession of sculptures called 'The Long March to Freedom', Pretoria
lifesize, bronze
(copyright to sculpture reserved by NHPC)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Govan Mbeki

Sculpture commissioned by the National Heritage Monument(NHM) 
of Govan Mbeki, South African political figure.
Part of a procession of sculptures called 'The Long March to Freedom' , Pretoria
lifesize, bronze

(copyright to sculpture reserved by NHPC)


Quote from Mbeki's work in his handwriting

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Final Bronze just before being shipped to Ramallah

This Mandela statue was commissioned by the City of Johannesburg as a gift to its sister city Ramallah(Palestine).
I was part of the sculpting team lead by Tania Lee
that took the process from 60cm marquette, to 2m upscale , to final 6m plaster sculpt 

 Unveiled in Ramallah on 26 April 2016

The sculpting team
Approval of plaster sculpt

Me refining foam on the 6m statue

Monday, February 2, 2015

Olivia & Georgina

Likeness sculptures of two siblings- Private commission, South Africa
50 cm high - M1, bronze paint finish